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Belle: the TriPawd Rotti

This is a story about a TriPawd Rotti named Belle

Belle: the TriPawd Rotti

I walked all the way around the block today and yesterday!

November 4th, 2018 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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I’m really doing well, and I owe a lot of my rehab to my friend, Shawn, because he takes care of me when Mommy’s at work. Yesterday Mommy went paddling for the first time since I got sick. Shawn doggy-sat, as usual. When he took me for my walk, I just kept wanting to go further, so we went all the way around the block. Before I got sick, Mommy and I would walk around that block every day, so I could sniff and mark my territory. I’m so glad to be walking around the block again (with rest stops, of course). This morning Mommy came, too, so now it’s twice I’ve been around the block.

On a bad note, everyone has been treating me like I’m the Queen, so I think I’m the Queen, and now that I’m feeling better, I’m not as nice as I should be. I snapped at Shawn when he went to grab my binky this morning, and now I’m on restriction. Mommy is making me stay in her apartment while she does chores. I really prefer Shawn’s apartment, and I really love Shawn like hes’ my boyfriend, so I vow to be a nicer doggy from now on. We are back to having rules about hugging, touching paws and binkies, because, after all, I am a dog, a protective breed, and I am not the Queen.

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  • jerry

    Hannah that’s wonderful you are back in the neighborhood patrol! Gosh that feels so good doesn’t it?

    Hey let me ask you something…did you used to be super protective of your castle before the amp? I ask because sometimes we get cranky when we hurt, and we do crazy stuff like that. If you aren’t the overly protective type and snapping isn’t like you, maybe you should let your people do a gentle massage on you to see if you’re achy?

  • hannahbelle

    Thank you! It does feel good. I love sniffing and am glad to be back at it.

    I was super protective, even before. Rotti stuff, you know? Mommy has been massaging my leg and I still get pain meds when Mommy sees any little sign of pain. I’m stoic, you know. I am also taking full advantage of being a TriPawd in the area of belly rubs. I get lots of love, I’m just touchy about hugs, my paws and anywhere that might hurt. Only Mommy is allowed to massage that leg.

  • benny55

    Way to go Belle!! This makes me so happy to know how well you are doing! Doing all that walking and getting to mark your territory again has to make you so proud of yourself!!😎

    Shhhh….dont tell anybody because I’ll get I trouble. Shhhh……I can understand why you would give a little warning growl when Shawn tried to take my binky away. Afterall, “someone” took your leg away and didn’t give it back. So how are you supposed to know if Shawn would give you binky back or not?

    We now down to the Queen!😎

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • hannahbelle

      Thank you for understanding my grumpiness. My mommy just says that I’m not afraid to say no, but that no one wants to see a Rotti snarl.

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