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Belle: the TriPawd Rotti

This is a story about a TriPawd Rotti named Belle

Belle: the TriPawd Rotti

No news is good news (mostly)

December 13th, 2018 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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I haven’t posted in a while. My health is great! My attitude, not so much. Mommy had to take the reins as far as my care. I was confused about who is the alpha dog with Uncle Shawn. He is so nice, and has helped so much, but he lets me get away with a lot and treats me like I’m a queen, and that doesn’t work for us Rotties. Mommy is a fair, but strict ruler. I was snapping at people when they did things I didn’t like. I even drew blood on one woman who approached me while I was sitting on the porch unsupervised. Mommy was out of town. When she got back, WOW! There was a new sheriff in town and my life changed. Now Mommy doesn’t let me out of the apartment without a leash and I have to wear a “Caution, I will bite” collar. At first I pouted, but now it’s OK. We are walking all the way around the block twice a day and I get to visit with Shawn, but not all day like I used to. Mommy spoke to my trainer and she said that I am having a medical issue, not an aggression issue, so with some tight Rotti rules, things are going to be just fine. Once the sore on my bum clears up, I hope to be a nice girl again and maybe get a few privileges back.

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  • benny55

    Belle, we adore you no matter what!!! And you wear that collar like a fashionista.

    Shhh….I don’t blame you one bit for being a little….er….grumpy when someone approaches you in your porch, all while having a sore bum!!!

    It lights up my world to hear how well you are getting around!!! And you still get to see your boyfriend too!!!

    You are an amazing gal Belle! You do what the Sheriff says, and you’ll be out of jail in no time!!!

    Extra hugs
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • hannahbelle

      No sign of the cancer spreading!!!! So far so good! Now to get this sore healed and some structure and discipline with Sheriff Mommy. I can walk all the way around the block without a break.

  • jerry

    Aww sweetie, sorry about the yellow collar. Do you live in Southern California? I hear that dogs who bite have to do that there. I’m so sorry.

    Your folks might want to get you to a pain management specialist. I have a gut feeling that you are trying to tell those silly humans that you hurt somewhere. A pain specialist can help. Please have your people contact us if they need help finding one OK?

  • hannahbelle

    Mommy is tapped out financially. She is doing the best she can. She will get this sore on my bum healed and I will get my nice attitude back. πŸ™‚

    • jerry

      Oh we totally understand the vet bills at a time like this. Don’t forget the Tripawds Foundation May pay for her first rehab visit up to $200. has details.

      • hannahbelle

        I appreciate it, but I couldn’t afford the second visit. πŸ™ Maybe I’ll win the lottery. My next dog will have health insurance, for sure!

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