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Belle: the TriPawd Rotti

This is a story about a TriPawd Rotti named Belle

Belle: the TriPawd Rotti

I’m still playful

December 31st, 2018 · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

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8 Comments so far ↓

  • dawn3g

    Now THAT has put a smile on my face!! Way to play, pretty girl!!

  • hannahbelle


  • benny55

    Got a few HAPPY tears over here!!!!😁😀 Best video in the world!!! Best videos the year!! Perfect way to cap off 2018 as we jead into 2019

    Belle is having such a good time!! Seeing her so full of joy and just enjoying being Belle……so sweeet!! She’s gonna shred thst toy and show it whose boss! Talk about living in the moment and loving the moment, this is the perfect example!!

    Looking forward to more of these smile making videos/pictures.😁
    Still grinning over here!!! In fact, gonna go watch it again! Love this dog!❤

    Hugs and treats!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • hannahbelle

      As long as she’s happy like this, I will keep carrying her backside, wiping up the occasional accident and doing lots of laundry. Her bestie, Uncle Shawn, will keep hoisting her into the wheelchair for a “walk” around the apartment complex.

      She has stabilized and was actually using the leg today. She fought me when I went to put her bootie on her foot, so she does have some strength in the leg. I am choosing to believe that this paralysis is temporary. We don’t KNOW that she even ever had cancer. Her lymph nodes were clear. We didn’t spend a bunch of money that I don’t have to do x-rays (which may have been inconclusive anyway). Really what is needed is an MRI, but that’s wayyyyy too expensive. So we are going on the fact that she did not respond well to pain testing in the paws. She felt it a little, but did not fight or yelp. I know the likelihood is that she has cancer and her days are numbered, but I’m going to hold on to the chance that this is an injury that will heal.

      Belle has a lot of love still coming her way and I believe that helps a lot. She has conquered quite a few obstacles. Why not conquer this, too? If she keeps doing well, but is still paralyzed, I will look into a doggie wheelchair for her.

      Eewwww! What’s that smell? Oh, good, just a doggie fart, not a clean up job 😉

  • benny55

    Even better the second time!!! I saw how the little dogs (Pugs?) REALLY wanted that toy……but didn’t dare!

    • hannahbelle

      That’s Bing. He’s fearless. Belle used to chase him when she was a quad. They are buds. The other Pug that is half of Bing’s size, is Matilda. She’s Bing’s mother. Bing just got 5 little brothers and sisters around Thanksgiving. Two will be staying. Bing was the only one in his litter, and I know why, he’s HUGE! Can you hear them snorting? They are funny.

  • benny55

    Well hello Bing and Matilda! Nice to meet you! Can’t wait to see more pics of the pack, and the new pups too!

    I actually hesitate to say this before, but after reading your reply, here goes. I also question whether this is that nasty piece of crap disease or not. I also believe tjere is a chance it is not!

    It could indeed be a disc issue, or maybe some bad cruciate issue. If it is something like that, the rest, anti inflammatory and pain meds can definitely help. And clearly Belle isn’t planning on going anywhere anytime soon!

    So I’m still cheering for Belle to get better, or at least no worse!! You and Uncle Shawn are clearly the reason she continues to beat the odds!

  • hannahbelle

    She does have a torn, but not completely torn ACL. Hopefully rest, anti-inflammatory and pain meds will fix this. That would be wonderful!

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